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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY NINE | December 22, 2021

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Micco, Florida to Delray Beach Florida

Today it suddenly seemed as though the water began to change colors more dramatically — much more blue. That kind of gave us all a pep in our step. Plenty of good smells for Steve to take in, too.

It’s a good thing we are closing in on Miami, because the KORKZcrew is about to run out of fuel, and I don’t mean diesel. We used our last Krups coffee pod yesterday, and are down to 3 pour-over coffees. 😱 Egad please say it isn’t so. I have to put in a plug for Copper Cow Coffee for saving the day - we had ordered a box of this Vietnamese coffee after seeing it on Shark Tank, and while it’s expensive, it’s really quite good, and the concept is well executed. The packaging is easy to open, and the pour-over pouch is smartly designed to sit on the rim of your coffee cup. Worth a try if you’re the least bit tempted. Some come with a pouch of sweetened milk which is the absolute chef’s kiss, which also means it’s probably really bad for you, especially if I like it. My favorite is the salted caramel. Proceed at your own risk. 😳

Today, Steve scoped out more dolphin (that wagging tail is a dead giveaway to what he smells and/or sees), and Greta and Skeet — and Steve?! — took turns at the helm.

Navigated through a bunch more bridges today, thanks to the capable assistance of Greta and Skeet, who always make sure we've got adequate clearance and help with putting our antennas down.

Ron noticed that a bit of rainwater had accumulated in the dinghy, and we’d been traveling with the drain plug undone so it could drain. Eventually Ron slowed down KORKZcrew so Greta could climb aboard the dinghy and plug it back in. (If you anchor with no drain plug in place, the dinghy will fill up with water. 🤓 More helpful tips from yours truly.)

At one point we passed a tug boat tugging … another tug boat. That’s not something you see every day!

After our run-in yesterday with a super inconsiderate motor boat who passed us at full speed, kicking up a wake that violently rocked our boat around, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from a different boat on the radio, coming up from behind us, politely requesting to pass us on our port side, AND indicating that they’d throttle back so as not to bump us around too badly. I guess boaters are like every other human - some are considerate, and some are not. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And BOTH stick with you, for opposite reasons. It’s like Maya Angelou said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

And guess what?!? The rude boater from the day before must have overnighted somewhere nearby, because they passed us AGAIN, and this time … they SLOWED DOWN!! Knock me over with a feather! Maybe they actually noticed the impact of their wake from the day before. One can always hope. . .

Our surroundings have slowly but surely gone from pristine natural landscapes to more homes and more boats, which feels a bit like culture shock after a week of not much activity on the water. Both are beautiful in their own ways, and it’s been fascinating just to satisfy my curiosity about what the ICW looked like south of Savannah. Not only are there more homes and boats, but all of the above just keep getting bigger and bigger, especially starting in Jupiter, where a bunch of professional golfers have homes and apparently more money than they know what to do with. I should actually call them estates because they sit on acres and acres of land and would make your eyes pop out of your head. And Ron said “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”, telling us to wait until we saw Fort Lauderdale.

He was right. We saw insanely gigantic homes, dwarfed only in size by their insanely large yachts parked out front. From Jupiter we went through Palm Springs Gardens followed by North and West Palm Beach, and it was as if each house was competing with the other to be the most extravagant. Some were just big for the sake of being big, and others were stunning in their design and location. From here it’s probably best to let the pictures do the talking, and aren’t you glad.

That's a 98' yacht parked in front of that house. 😳

I remember approaching some of these places and thinking, wow, look at those beautiful homes, only to get closer and realize the buildings I was seeing were all one house!!!!

Peaceful and beautiful scenery all the way to Delray Beach, and we ended the day with some chicken divan casserole straight from the freezer! Oh joy. We anchored at sunset at Palm Cove at Delray Beach.

Miami is within easy reach for arriving just after lunch tomorrow! 🥳🥳🥳

14 hours underway / 119 nautical miles

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