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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 74 | March 17, 2022

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Palm Cay Marina, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map.

The last several days have been spent docked at Palm Cay Marina, getting chores and work done if you're me, working on school assignments if you're Skeet, fixing the crane and air conditioning if you're Ron, and resting if you're Steve.

We really like Palm Cay. One idea we toss around regarding our eventual return home is the option of leaving KORKZcrew somewhere like Nassau or maybe George Town and then flying home, but that might be difficult because of Steve. Still, it’s interesting to weigh this idea vs the cost of fuel and the time it takes to get KORKZcrew home and then back down south again, especially if we’d like to make our way further south some day. All of it is just fun to talk about honestly, even if it never pans out.

A major perk of this marina is that they offer a courtesy car you can use for a two-hour window that you reserve in advance. You just have to remember to drive on the lefthand side of the road. 😳 The car came in handy for us as Skeet has been complaining of ear pain for several days (he has a tube in his right ear that occasionally flairs up), and we were able to take him to an incredibly thorough and kind ENT in downtown Nassau. Here's a glimpse of the scenic ride we took along the way.

Back at the marina office, I ran into Sizzla and commented about how good his KORKZ looked 😜. He laughed and said "thank you guys so much . . . my girlfriend was reallllly jealous". So I said, "we’ll hook her up too, of course! Just give us her name". So he did, and we told him it might take us a while but to not give up on us as we would get it to him as soon as we could.

Ron's been able to track down a local electrician who came to the boat, deinstalled the crane, and took it back to their shop. They've been working on it for several days, returned it today, and now Ron is working to get it reinstalled.

With the prospect of crossing back over to the Exumas on the horizon, I thought it would be smart to re-familiarize myself with flying the drone, so I spent some time practicing by taking some photos and videos around the marina docks and the pool.

Palm Cay is such a beautiful spot, and we've been truly fortunate to spend several days here. I'm ready for the adventure to continue though, and it looks like tomorrow that wish will come true!

Side note:

Two resources Skeet has used to find and reserve slips are Dockwa and Snag-A-Slip.

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