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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 70 | March 13, 2022

Clifton Bay to Palm Cay Marina, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map.

Winds were 20 knots out of the north today which made it quite chilly. It was also a bit dreary so we drove from inside the pilot house today, traveling along the south side of Nassau from west to east, headed for Palm Cay Marina where we had stayed back in January.

Not too far from our overnight anchorage was what seemed like a popular spot for super yachts as we saw several anchored there. Ron guessed that it was probably due to the depth of the water, protection from the wind, and possibly because there is a golf course nearby.

Here are just a few of the ones we spotted:

"Dream Boat" is 295' long with 7 suites that can accommodate 14 guests, and can carry up to 27 (!!) crew members on board.

"B3" is 187' long and can accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 staterooms, with 10 crew members.

The ride to Palm Cay was pretty rough, with significant chop. We are grateful to have a slip for the next few nights while the motor for our crane is being repaired, plus it’s too windy to travel anywhere at the moment.

At some point along the way we noticed a leaky hatch on the bow — which actually only leaks if you fail to latch it completely, and let's just say . . . guilty as charged. So Ron had to break out the bungee cords on the INSIDE of the boat for a quick makeshift laundry line to dry out the wet comforter cover. Steve was wondering why in the world we couldn't have just left it on the floor in a blob so he could sleep on it.

We got into our slip without much trouble thanks to Ron's amazing maneuvering skills, and had the same nice dockhand named Sizzla who’d helped us in the past. He was the one who had tied up the boat for us back in January when Ron had made a comment about Sizzla's KORKZ sunglasses retainer, explaining that he was the one who had made them back in 2019. Sizzla couldn’t BELIEVE that Ron was actually the KORKZ guy. During that same January encounter, Sizzla mentioned that he'd love to have a KORKZ with his name on it (the one he already had was engraved with the Palm Cay logo) so on this visit, we showed up with two personalized 'Sizzla' KORKZ. He was so happy and completely surprised.

Once parked, we worked on getting ourselves organized, which usually involves getting the boat situated and cleaned up on the inside and out. Ron and Skeet rinsed and wiped down the boat, I got the interior in decent order, and Steve found a substitute for the comforter cover where he could actually lie down and relax a bit. 😂🙄

We headed for that beautiful Palm Cay pool around 4:00, and had drinks and those to-die-for fish tacos we keenly remembered from our last visit. It was a little too chilly, windy, and overcast to get in the pool, but we still enjoyed taking in that impeccable view.

2.5 hours underway; 15 nautical miles traveled

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