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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 57 | February 8, 2022

George Town, Great Exuma Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map.

I realized a day after publishing this post that 3/4 of the content was missing. Good times. After speaking at length with Wix Support, we figured out there was some sort of glitch with Google Chrome and couldn't retrieve the post, so here we go again. I apologize to those of you who may have read my half-baked blog entry and thought I'd keeled over from a heart attack mid-sentence.

A little over two weeks ago we took a crazy-long dinghy ride south of George Town, looping through a spectacular inlet at Man O' War Cay, and from that moment I made it a goal to return to that spot before KORKZcrew left Great Exuma and continued on its Bahamian adventures. Today was that day, and the weather was on our side as the winds were light and the water was glassy and gorgeous. We learned our lesson from that previous hours-long dinghy excursion and opted this time to take KORKZcrew near our destination, anchor, and then dinghy to the inlet from our anchorage.

Timelapse cruising through Elizabeth Harbor down to Man O' War

Looking back at Elizabeth Harbor as we made our way down to Man O' War. Cue the puffy clouds.

The "X" indicates our anchorage at Stocking Island, and the tip of the arrow is the approximate point where we anchored and continued our journey by dinghy.

Once anchored, we began our dinghy ride to the inlet. The "X" is our anchorage, and the tip of the arrow is where we ended up, on a spectacular sandbar without another boat or person in sight.

This was one of those days where it's best to let the pictures (and videos) do the talking. I honestly think this is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen, from the pristine azure water right down to the consistency of the sand itself, which felt like silk and looked like liquid porcelain.

Dinghy ride from KORKZcrew to the inlet at Man O' War

Part two of the promise I'd made myself when we cruised through here a few weeks back was that if we were able to return, I had to shake off my drone PTSD, get a grip, and get that thing out of its Christmas box and into the air. So that's exactly what I did. This part of the world is just too drop-dead gorgeous to let some stupid insecurity get in the way of filming it, especially from above. Plus, flying from the sandbar gave me a lot more real estate to work with when it was time to land. Win/win.

You can see Skeet in the first few seconds of the video, and halfway through you can see me at the tip of the sandbar, NOT flying the drone into the water. Thank glob.

Another 360 degree view from "ground level". Just breathtaking from every angle.

Here's my attempt at illustrating the consistency of the sand:

Here's Steve's attempt at illustrating the consistency of the sand, much to our dismay 😜🙄:

Nothing a quick little swim couldn't fix!

Reluctantly, we eventually had to leave this dreamlike spot and return to KORKZcrew. On our way there, a nice man who was fishing from a nearby dock flagged us down. At first we thought he was just waving hello, but then realized he'd wrapped his line around a piling and was hoping we could help him retrieve it. He was so cute and in the best mood because he'd been catching fish all day and didn't want to break his streak. Ron worked his magic and returned the lure to its very happy — and grateful — owner.

What a day! This will no doubt go down in the books as one of our all-time favorite destinations, right up there with Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park — thank you, Bahamas, for yet another unforgettable experience.

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