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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 56 | February 7, 2022

George Town, Great Exuma Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map.

So if you've noticed my blog posts moving at about the same snail-like speed as KORKZcrew, you've probably wondered (a) has she hit her head on that stupid vacuum sealer and fallen into that blue water she talks about too much? (b) is this entire trip a hoax and we've all been duped? or (c) is that chick lazier than hell or what? The correct answer would be (d) none of the above, as I returned to NC for a bit to visit my amazing mom — and I'd like to take this opportunity to say she has set the bar WAY too high for yours truly. She's adorable, witty, savvy, sharp as a tack, and great company. And if you were the best age-guesser on planet earth, you'd never guess that she's 91. You wouldn't even come close.

I'm going to continue to catch up the posts, hopefully with a bit more attention to consistency, and then you'll notice a gap where I'll skip ahead to where we are today (3.13.22), which is back in Nassau repairing some minor issues on the boat.

This morning's Morning Report announced that there are 304 boats anchored in Elizabeth Harbor right now, and that the average number this time of year is 230. While that's a pretty eye-popping number, I have to say it doesn't "feel" crowded. The harbor is so large you can successfully carve out your own spot without feeling like you're sitting right next to somebody at the movie theater. Still, there are plenty of less-populated nearby anchorages if you prefer to be more isolated while still having easy access to George Town and its surrounding islands.

Ron and Skeet had a chance to pay it forward today when they noticed someone struggling with their dinghy on nearby Monument Beach and headed over there to see if they could help. A man and his wife needed another pair or two of hands to lift their dinghy motor, and while this type of assistance is a far cry from offering electrical engineering advice, it was at least something we could do to help this community who has done so much for us. (Don't you love how I take credit for this gesture while having absolutely nothing to do with it?! I mean, SOMEBODY has to hang back and take the pics, right?!)

After saving the day at Monument 😜, the four of us returned to the trail near the Kahari Resort for yet another nice walk on the beach. Knowing this spectacular scenery is just a short dinghy ride away makes a daily visit a no-brainer.

Walking back toward Elizabeth Harbor. Shoes are a definite necessity along the trail.

Steve had a first-in-his-life experience when he stumbled across a hermit crab while we were walking back along the trail toward Elizabeth Harbor. He didn't know WHAT to think, but I can only imagine how the crab felt about this encounter!!

We took another spin by Chat 'N Chill on our way back to KORKZcrew, hoping to have another chance to film the stingrays who love to congregate there, but came up short. Look at the size of the conch pile behind the Conch Shack where they make that amazing salad!!

Ended the day with a tribute to Whitney and her previous hometown of Singapore, and our hermit crab hero on lookout duty from his perch atop the bunkbeds. Thank GOODNESS he's here to protect us from all things creepy & crawly. 😜

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