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DAY FIVE | December 18, 2021

Hilton Head Island, SC to Crescent, GA

Breakfast today was egg bites and bacon I had made ahead and frozen. If you haven’t tried the egg bites at Starbucks, they are delicious and are what inspired me to find this recipe online for bacon & Gruyère egg bites. Super easy and delicious. Throw a little sriracha aioli on top and … YUM.

Skeet has decided that he’d like to sleep on the bunk beds (I mean, what kid doesn’t love a bunk bed?!), and that he’d like to sleep near the helm since he wakes up with Ron when we take off early in the mornings. I get up early too but there are not as many responsibilities for the bow candy at the crack of dawn. Mercifully. So I crank up the coffee and provide riveting conversation. Somebody’s gotta do it.

Greta now sleeps in Skeet’s half room (!) which works out great because she can close the door and sleep as late as she wants to. Everybody’s happy.

Had another mishap today, but today it was Ron’s turn. He went into the engine room to check on something, and realized that earlier this morning he had filled up the oil, but hadn’t reinstalled the cap, so oil was sprayed ALL OVER the port side of the engine room. 😳 Not a fun mess to clean up, but he put his trusty sidekick in the captain’s chair and went to work with about 55 rolls of paper towels.

Greta emerged from her room a little later and spent the day sharing the top perch on the bunk bed with Steve and skeet. That’s probably her favorite hangout during the day if it isn’t nice enough to be on the bow or upstairs. It was sort of windy today so she enjoyed the sun from a safe perch near the helm in the pilot house.

Skeet loves to change locations constantly ( I remember in elementary school one of his teachers referred to him affectionately as a little humming bird), and is the only person that comes CLOSE to spending as much time on the bow as Steve.

Steve has basically claimed the bow as his turf, and spends HOURS smelling for dolphins. It’s hilarious. It’s great too, because you can see his body language completely change when a dolphin is anywhere in the vicinity, which is our cue to go outside and check out what’s going on just beneath the bow. (If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to see the video of the dolphins riding the bow wave. It was a riveting experience, much like my conversations 😂.)

Whitney would love this experience too, and we’ve really missed her on this trip. But she’s had a lot going on in her world too, like being in Miami, and GETTING ENGAGED TODAY.

🥳 🥳 🥳 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🥰 🥰 🥰

Oh. My. GOSH. We knew it was coming, as Will had written Ron the SWEETEST “time-to-dust-off-the-knee” email yesterday afternoon about his intentions to propose today. Ron and I were so excited we were about to jump out of our skins. We didn’t know exactly WHEN he’d ask her; just that he’d ask her today. Unbeknownst to me, the FaceTime call came in around 3:30, just as I was cramming popcorn into my pie hole. Ron walks up behind me with his phone, turns it toward me, and there was Whitney beaming from ear-to-ear with tears in her eyes and joy in her face, and PRECIOUS Will right there beside her looking relieved. And there I was with chipmunk cheeks full of carbs. Kinda fitting actually. 🙄

Whitney could barely speak she was so overjoyed, overwhelmed, overcome with emotion, and just . . . I don’t know . . . ADORABLE! It was the happiest imaginable call, and even happier news. I adore Will and am so excited to be able to one day call him my SON-IN-LAW!!!! HELLO!!!!! OMG! The very first thing Skeet said after we hung up with Whitney was, “Hey Mom! They’re fiancés now!!!” So fun!!!

We ended up anchoring in a gorgeous spot in the middle of nowhere with not a human, building, or boat in sight. Close to full moon too, yet this was the best I could do. I asked my buddy and photography pro Lynn Ruck for some tips and she gave me the coolest idea of photographing the actual full moon through the binocular lens. Or to just use a stock photo and call it a day. Hahahah! I love the way she thinks.

Night night, fiancé’s!!! We LOVE YOU, and thank you for giving us such a happy, happy day.

11 hours underway; 72 nautical miles traveled

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