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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 43 | January 25, 2022

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

George Town, Great Exuma Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map.

If the weather is cooperating, I'll bring my laptop outside and put it on our portable "steps", and connect it to an external speaker so I can hear and interact with the class.

Started my day with a F.I.T. workout which is always fun, but having Steve around makes them even better. Not sure what I would do without these classes to keep the blood — and serotonin — flowing. Honestly I realize more and more just how important these workouts are for my mental health. They're obviously beneficial for their cardio and weight components, but they also make all the difference in getting my head straight and that's no small feat. Fonda should probably include personal trainer AND mental health coach on her resumé!

While we wait for our new batteries to be shipped from Nassau, KORKZcrew will be calling George Town home for at least the next week. It's all kind of a mystery at this point, but we are grateful to be in such a hospitable setting and supportive community. We decided today would be the day to take KORKZcrew and retrace our steps to the lazy river that we never found on that crazy long dinghy trip. Before we pulled up anchor though, Skeet asked if he could please go see the O'Kelly's and just say hello. I didn't want them to feel like we were stalking them, but thought this idea was harmless as Skeet genuinely just wanted to go by there out of kindness and nothing more. He asked if he could take one of Ron's KORKZ and give it to them, as a way to thank them for the work they do on their YouTube channel (and I can tell you it's work because I can't even keep a blog going, and they're posting videos every single week . . . it's a TON of editing alone, not to mention all the filming they're having to do. I don't see how they knit it all together, put music behind it, and have an end product that's looks professionally done.)

Skeet got himself organized, grabbing his life jacket and putting Steve in the dinghy, and just as he cranked up the engine to go see the O'Kelly's, here came their sailboat Clarity on its way out of the anchorage.

The sailboat behind Skeet is Clarity, heading out right as he was cranking up the engine on the dinghy to go see them.

I flagged them down, trying desperately not to look like an overzealous fan (😂🙄), but managed to get them to slow down enough so that Skeet could say hello and make his KORKZ delivery. It was really gracious of them to stop, and they were so receptive to Skeet and Steve. They thanked us later on Instagram, and Skeet spent the rest of the day talking about how friendly they were. I don't think he'll ever forget that exchange.


The ride back down to the mystery lazy river was just as beautiful before, and just as .... well, mysterious, because we still didn't really have good intel. Someone had told us it was near or located within Moriah Harbor Cay National Park, so we headed that way and figured we'd stumble across it one way or another.

Practicing our "lazy" in preparation for the lazy river.

As we approached the park, we located a decent protected anchorage, and the plan was to leave KORKZcrew and take the dinghy to find the lazy river. Ron spotted a motor boat anchored nearby, and rode over there to ask if they happened to know anything about the lazy river. They gave us some info, and off we went, still not really knowing what we were doing, but hey, that's what adventures are all about I guess.

So here we are approaching this inlet, where the waves got a lot more choppy AND it dropped off so we couldn't really see what was ahead of us. You can hear Ron say, "OK, now we're committed . . " which felt like 😳 but didn't end up being that big of a deal. It was more like riding a very minor "rapids" with the waves pushing us from behind. Then we landed in a completely calm lagoon with more than one option for where we could go, so we spent the next hour just trying to find deep water and enjoying the serenity of that area. I still don't think we found the "river" but maybe it never existed. Who knows. It was still fun to explore.

Returned to KORKZcrew, and made our way back to our tried-and-true anchorage near the Kahari Resort at Stocking Island and called it a day — a really fun day.

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