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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 32 | January 14, 2022

Norman's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map.

Woke up to super strong winds around 5:00 a.m., with Ron already up and about, checking on the boat. I cannot imagine what the conditions would have been like if we’d stayed at Shroud Cay, where it had already been pretty uncomfortable, and am so grateful we changed anchorages even though it meant heading BACK to the north to find protection. Seems like we are working against ourselves a bit, but I totally understand now that it really IS about weather windows and protected anchorages — not necessarily “progress”.

You can see — and hear — how windy it is today.

Today was a low-key work day, which just means that Ron and Skeet and I are all on our laptops in the pilot house. One thing I really appreciate about the Great Harbour, aside from its insane amount of available storage, is the fact that everyone can find their own space if they need it. While 37' is not tiny, it's also not huge when it comes to a live-aboard boat, and that space can get small quickly with three people sharing it. I feel like the three of us have done pretty well as far as carving out our own "hang outs". This would be a lot more difficult if we didn't have the flybridge. I honestly believe the flybridge is what MAKES this boat. It obviously gives you the option to drive outside if the weather allows, but it also serves as additional living space, and is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon once you're anchored. On any given day you might find Ron upstairs, me in the pilot house, and Skeet in his room, and everyone is happy. But we're also content to share the same space too. In the pilot house, Ron and I will sit at the table to do our work, and Skeet will sit at the desk nearby, just across from the helm.

Ron had noticed other dinghies exploring the harbor where we're anchored, and decided to do some investigating of his own, so he and Skeet took a ride to check out our surroundings. There's a private marina here, but we don't think we can access it for water or fuel, neither of which we need at the moment, so it's really not an issue.

My favorite part of today was taking the dinghy with Ron and Steve and heading over to the east side of Norman's, just around the corner from where we are anchored. It was as if they were enjoying an entirely different day on that side of the island.

It was GORGEOUS — not much wind, warm, and calm.

Ron and I pulled the dinghy up on shore and decided to go back and forth on the limited amount of beach to get some exercise: walking in one direction and jogging in the other, and making ourselves repeat this process multiple times. It felt AMAZING to be able to stretch our legs. Steve thought it was time to play every time we started to run, so I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself too. I stuck the GoPro in some nearby rocks to capture all the action. 😜 I'm sure the boat that was anchored nearby thought we were nuts and they wouldn't be far off, but we sure had fun.

Returning to that cute little Mother Ship. We love our floating condo.

Night night, KORKZcrew. Night night, Norman's!

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