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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 24 | January 6, 2022

Palm Cay Marina, Nassau, Bahamas

Hit the ground running around 5:30 this morning to get some work done, then exercised with Fonda Interactive Training at 7:30, then headed for a major grocery run at 9:00 at nearby Solomon's. It's the first time we’ve provisioned on this scale since leaving Wilmington, and speaking of leaves, I miss green stuff. Solomon's is a good-sized grocery store, and had most of the items on our crazy-long list. The shopping excursion was a pretty major chore, and so was unloading all of the groceries and starting back at square one, figuring out how to best reorganize myself so I know what I have and could fit it all in my tiny kitchen. Vacuum sealer to the rescue! Hallelujah! 🥳 The honeymoon phase is wearing off, but I still swear by that contraption.

Side note: One app that's been really helpful for remembering what groceries I have on hand is Cooklist. I'm sure there are lots of other apps like it on the market, but I've found it to be pretty helpful in keeping track of our food inventory. It lets you scan barcodes with your phone, and depending on the item, Cooklist is usually able to find it and automatically add it to your "pantry". You can go in the app at any point and say you're out of an ingredient, adjust quantities, add new items etc. Sometimes it's hard to remember what we have, especially with the tight quarters of the kitchen and the freezer that tends to be jam packed. This way I can remind myself what we've got on hand without having to tear through cabinets or unpack the Jenga game known as the fridge.

It was a lot of work putting everything away and getting things done today, and it was late afternoon before I felt like I'd finally gotten things in order. Or close enough. We are leaving again in the next day or so, so once again I’m doing my best to maximize our use of electricity and water: running laundry, washing dishes, cleaning up. And thank goodness Steve was there to help. 😂🙄

Staying at the marina feels so indulgent, but honestly it also feels really good to have a chance to get caught up and organized. That’s a definite plus of living in a tiny space — you genuinely strive to manage with less stuff, because there’s just no place to put it. Or you wear the same few clothes repeatedly, because laundry is a luxury, and the storage for your clothes is limited. All positives in my mind, except for the poor people who have to SEE you in those same clothes day after day. We’ve got a much smaller area to keep clean as well, so that job becomes pretty manageable.

It was SO nice to be able to wind down and end the day at that awesome pool. What a perk of this nice marina.

Tonight we had dinner again at the Pink Octopus, where we saw our slip neighbor Tim having dinner and working on his computer, preparing for his next Nautilus Sailing trip. We picked his brain about where to anchor at our next stop, which is Allen’s Cay or Highbourne Cay in the Exumas. He was super helpful, and told us to be sure and add to our toolbox, which is a great resource for wind forecasting.

Here's KORKZcrew in her temporary slip. Night night, Palm Cay!

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