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  • Katharine Hesmer

DAY 21 | January 3, 2022

Chub Cay, Bahamas

Got up early and worked most of the morning at our new anchorage. Still at Chub Cay as the wind remains too strong for us to be able to have a comfortable semi-flat ride to Nassau, which is our next stop as we make our way to the Exumas.

Not much happening today which is really kind of nice. Just enjoying the breathtakingly gorgeous Bahamian water, and the light, comfortable, and steady breeze. We could not have asked for more pristine weather for the past week or so.

Skeet is in and out of the water all day long. This afternoon around 1:30 he jumped straight out of the water and exclaimed he’d just seen a stingray go by. And not just ANY stingray — he’d seen a HUMONGOUS one because soon afterward, Ron and I saw this same enormous swimming shadow right beside the boat. No photos to support this claim of course, so you're just gonna have to trust me. 😈 (My friend Critter will have a VERY hard time with this. 😂He's heard our fish tales before and is skeptical to this day. Kinda can't blame him.)

Ron took the dinghy to reset our anchors (sometimes the anchor drags which can happen occasionally), and Steve decided he needed to swim after him. Super cute. So loyal. So clear that Skeet and I are pretty much chopped liver. Doing my best not to take it personally. 😂

Ron has anchored KORKZcrew using a technique called a Bahamian Moor, which involves setting two anchors off of the bow, with one facing forward and one facing aft. This anchoring method keeps KORKZcrew from swinging so much with wind and tide changes, and keeps it off of sandbars.

Realized we are running low on water. It’s been a week since we topped off the two tanks in Miami. One gauge says we are super low . . . like 1/8 of a tank left; the other gauge doesn’t work properly so it’s anybody’s guess. And when it comes to fresh water, the LAST thing you want to do is guess how much you have left. Although the Chub Cay Marina is right next to us, it would be easy to assume they wouldn’t be willing to refill our tanks since the marina, island, and resort are all privately owned. BUT! Hard-headed Hannah over here doesn’t operate under assumptions, especially when they mean assuming the answer is "no". I’m more of the you-never-know-’til-you-try kinda gal — aka annoying as hell. 😂 So I talked to Ron & Skeet about this idea, and Ron was skeptical but said, “who’s gonna call em?” And Skeet piped right up and said I WILL! So we encouraged him to think about what he was going to say, and practice before he radio’d the marina. He gets so excited by the opportunity to talk on the radio that he can get a bit ahead of himself and forget what he wants to say. So he practiced with us, then called Chub Cay, and wouldn’t you know it — the nice guy at the marina said come on by!! I may be annoying, but at least I have a way to preserve my bi-weekly-showered bow candy status. We’ll go by the marina tomorrow some time, but it’s reassuring to know we have a way to “refuel” before we leave for Nassau on Wednesday.

We notice small private planes taking off from and landing at the Chub Cay International (!!) Airport multiple times a day. Presumably transporting resort guests and supplies.

I’ve mentioned that we wish we’d invested in a water maker that converts sea water to fresh, so that will be a project for us down the road. The other idea Ron had was to install a salt water spigot in the kitchen for rinsing dishes. Some of the boats we've chartered in the past had this feature so that you wouldn’t have to waste fresh water on dirty dishes. The other item we’ve put on our wish list for Nassau is a milk crate — hear me out — again, Ron’s idea, where we’d put all the dirty dishes in the crate and dunk it overboard using a line and maybe leave it there for a bit while the sea creatures have their feast, and return some mostly clean dishes to the boat that only need minimal washing. That milk crate should go nicely with our laundry line and rolls of paper towels drying on the bungee cord. Kind of completes the “look”, wouldn’t you say?!

Steak and twice baked potatoes for dinner (from my vacuum-sealed stash, dontcha know), and I have to say I’m starting to miss things that are green . . . like salad and vegetables. 😬😳 What are THOSE things?! The one kitchen tool I realize I neglected to pack is a can opener. Lots of canned veggies but zero access. Smart! Note to self: buy the cans that have the built-in, lift-up ring. Something tells me we’ll be adding that important gadget to our Nassau wish list, if I don't come down with scurvy before we ever get there.

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