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  • Katharine Hesmer

Bahamas | Take 2 | December 24, 2022

Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco Islands, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map

Merry Christmas Eve! Today was low key and nice, working on projects, cleaning up the boat, and getting ready for Christmas. Greta had the assignment of grooming Steve, and in the process got him dressed up for the holidays with a new hairdo.😜 And why not? Now all he needs is a couple of beads in those braids to go full Captain Jack on Pirates of the Caribbean!

Ron gave Steve a little love too, with the dog version of a manicure.

And I got to . . . clean the kitchen. 🤓🙄 Meet my constant companion, Mt. Dishmore.

It wasn't all work and no play though, as the wind had lightened up just enough that I could finally get a bird's eye view of our marina and the Hope Town area. This time of year is known for being windy in the Bahamas, so it felt lucky to have a chance to fly my drone. Those chances don't always come, so I'm going to do my best to take advantage any time I can.

If you look along that central dock, KORKZcrew is in about the 4th slip down, with the dinghy tied up to the back.

Ron and I wandered around the dock a bit, looking at some of the crazy nice, crazy big, crazy expensive boats that are parked here. The one pictured below is a Hinckley, and Ron said it goes for somewhere around two million big ones. Sheesh!

We watched as the marina's free ferry took passengers across the harbor to the mainland where the shops and restaurants are located. This is the primary way that visitors can come over to the marina for dinner or to visit the lighthouse, and it's also the way that hotel guests can easily get to Elbow Cay and explore the island, typically via rented golf cart.

Ron's been routinely taking Greta to check out the surfing conditions so she can take a crack at it while she's here. The surf has unfortunately not been terribly cooperative so far, but it's still a fun opportunity for a quick dinghy ride and easy walk to Hope Town's gorgeous beach. Steve is ALWAYS first to get in the boat, especially if it means being able to ultimately roll around in the sand and get completely disgusting.

Ron made dinner reservations for us tonight at the Abaco Inn, and it was even more wonderful than I could have imagined. The food, the service, the setting . . . it was a truly special way to spend Christmas Eve.

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