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  • Katharine Hesmer

Bahamas | Take 2 | December 23, 2022

Little Harbour to Elbow Cay, Great Abaco, Abaco Islands, Bahamas

KORKZcrew is the blue dot on the map

On our way back to Elbow Cay today, we made a plan to stop at Sandy Cay, which is a tiny island just north of Little Harbour known for its excellent snorkeling. It's located just west of the Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park, in a fairly unprotected area, so it's very prone to swells aka unfavorable snorkeling conditions. Today's weather was pretty sketchy, with overcast skies, plenty of wind, and seas that weren't terribly flat. Ron asked Greta and me if we wanted to give the snorkeling a try, and while we were both tempted to say never mind, we decided to take our chances and jump in anyway. Turns out we made the right choice, and while the current was strong, the visibility was great and we still had fun seeing what was swimming around below us. We didn't see the variety of sea life described in reports you can read online about eagle rays and turtles, but it was still well worth the hour we spent looking around.

There's something pretty remarkable about being weightless in that beautiful blue water. It's incredibly tranquil and therapeutic. I was grateful for the opportunity to do that with Greta, even if we hadn't even spotted a single fish. It was just a genuinely nice experience.

KORKZcrew made her way back to Hope Town, and along the way we spotted a wind surfer doing his thing at Tahiti Beach. This seems to be a popular destination for day boaters, and it's easy to see why. Even in less than ideal weather it's a beautiful spot.

Once we made it back to Hope Town, we spent some time by the pool and also rode around on the dinghy, looking at other boats in the harbor. I finally had a chance to film this awesome golden retriever who lives on a nearby boat in the marina. He's been so fun to watch because he's either hanging out on the dinghy that's usually tied up to the back of their boat, or faithfully waiting on the stern for his owners to return, just as he is here. Sitting in the dinghy is exactly what Steve will often do to make sure he doesn't get left. These pups are so smart.

Cruising around the harbor, we ran across a boat from a place near and dear to our hearts. My sister and her family have spent decades vacationing on Sunset Beach, so this sighting was an especially fun taste of home. (Knox said she'd very much like to be their friend. I'll have to see what I can do! 😜)

Night night tacky tree!

2.25 hours underway; 14.5 nautical miles traveled

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